Frequent questions

We have compiled frequently asked questions from our customers

How I can create an account in Control Patients?

A.- It is very easy to create an account in Control de Pacientes, you only need go through the process described in the following link:

How does Control de Pacientes work?

A.-Control de Pacientes is a management system for medical consultation on the web. No installation required in your office, or buy software, you only need an Internet connection.

Is Control de Pacientes really free?

A.- Yes, Control de Pacientes is fully free. Our system is supported by advertising, which indicates that you will never pay for using our system.

How do I get Control de Pacientes to my medical office practice?

A.- You can get free access through this link:

Should I install the software of Control de Pacientes on my computer?

A.- No, Control de Pacientes is a online software, all you need is an internet connection.

Is there a limit of patience that I can register in Control de Pacientes?

A.- No, there is no limit of patiences.

How can I install Control de Pacientes in my practice computer?

A.- Control de Pacientes does not require installation. Control de Pacientes is a cloud software, you only need a computer with Internet access.

How safe is Control de Pacientes?
A.- Control de Pacientes is a cloud medical system that meets the existing Internet security standards. The information and data of your practice will be protected, doubly encrypted, and backed up at all times. Control de Pacientes is regularly audited by specialized companies in the field of Internet security.
What is the difference between Control de Pacientes and the system that I´ve already installed on my Computer?

A.- Control de Pacientes es un sistema created for the doctor of our time, who has more than one practice in different geographical locations (clinics, offices, residences, etc.) Control de Pacientes was created to ensure the safety, convenience and accessibility of data, such so that the user only has to worry about his patient. Control de Pacientes is free.

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